Some good news

Some good news

Pictured above is Aileen Jackson with Graham Lang outside the Scottish Parliament. Aileen, a retired civil servant, won a legal battle to have a 64ft turbine, located only 300 yards from her home, switched off permanently. It is the first case of its kind in Scotland with her legal fees covered by her home insurance.
The noise from the single turbine was similar to a small helicopter; Aileen and her family have suffered for almost three years are are obviously relieved it is all over. A statement from The Hastie Stable Faculty of Scottish Advocates reads “John Campbell QC was instructed to make an application to a sheriff for a noise abatement order. The Environmental Protection Act 1990, section 82, provides a little-known but simple method for members of the public to do this for themselves.”
More success came in April when the Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament accepted petition PE1469 by Aileen on neighbour notification distances for wind turbine applications. You can read more about this submission by clicking here to link to SAS (Scotland Against Spin) website.

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