Keirs Hill Exhibition

Keirs Hill Exhibition

RES will be holding three exhibitions next week, the first will be in Patna on the 28th, Straiton on the 29th and Dalmellington on the 30th. They will be posting out a newsletter to all households in the area but you can view the latest one by clicking here.
RES have altered their original plan which was for 33 turbines down to 17 and these will be located in the eastern section of their plan. The turbines will be up to 149m high, the turbine pictured here is 130m high (RES’ Pays de St Saine, France).

A new map showing the turbine locations is available on the Planning page click here to view it. As you will see the turbines are extremely close to the B741 between Dalmellington and Straiton. Please try to visit the exhibition and let the developers know if you have concerns about the visual impact the turbines would have to those driving towards Straiton. Some of the turbines are also extremely close to homes in Patna.

1 thought on “Keirs Hill Exhibition

  1. They may have reduced the number of turbines for the moment. But whats stopping them continuing the development 3, 5 10 years from now. Once the infrastructure is in, roads access power cables, planning. Its a foot in the door for them, but when will they stop ?

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