Major change to proposed Sclenteuch wind farm by RES

Site of the proposed Keirs Hill turbines, above the Doon valley south of Patna.
photo: Angus and Mary Hogg

Bill Steven Chairman of Save Straiton for Scotland and Whirly Marshall, Planning Lead, met with RES on Friday 3rd May to confirm the detail on major changes to the proposed Sclenteuch wind farm development. RES are proposing to reduce the number of turbines from 33 to 17 and remove all turbines from Cloncaird Moor, Sclenteuch Moor and Lamdoughty Hill. The new proposed development will concentrate around Keirs Hill in East Ayrshire. No turbines are being proposed within the South Ayrshire footprint. The wind farm will be renamed Keirs Hill and will lie 3.7 km north east of Straiton, 4.2 km north west of Dalmellington and 1km south of Patna. Access to the new proposed development will be via the A713 , Ayr to Dalmellington road and will enter the proposed site just before Waterside. We are waiting on further detail and formal confirmation from RES with regards the change and we will publish on receipt.
Consultation will continue with all communities involved including Straiton. The proposed turbines will be 149m high and RES are currently producing a 3D computer aided visualisation tool to enable individuals to have a clear picture on the impact the proposed turbines would have. With regards timescales RES will be looking to formally submit a planning application during 2013, full details will follow. This is a significant change to the original proposal, however the new proposed wind farm development from RES will remain a major concern for many people and Save Straiton for Scotland will engage with all affected communities and continue to support those communities. Save Straiton for Scotland will continue to challenge all developments around Straiton and we will continue to bring pressure on all developers to reappraise their proposals. Save Straiton for Scotland remains strong in its belief that our area must continue to say…..No To Giant Industrial Wind Turbines….regardless of the number.

Click here for a revised PDF map of all the wind farms (8.7Mb)
or here for a revised JPG map (3.5Mb)

3 thoughts on “Major change to proposed Sclenteuch wind farm by RES

  1. Keep up the pressure! They tried to give us Inverkip Community Wind farm in our village a few years back under the disguise of ‘village residents will get cheaper electricity and that the wind farm was a perk’. The local community council of Inverkip, Weymss Bay and Skelmorlie fought back as you are doing and the wind farm died a slow and quiet death.

    We have had a caravan in Kilkerran for over 5 years and are in the area often for walks, drives in the car and are big fans of Dorothy and Peter’s coffee shop and was totally shocked when we were in the Buck last week and Dorothy told us what was planned. Keep up the objections!

  2. Well done, we are still only in the early stages of this battle and yet we seem to be gaining ground already.

  3. It’s an old, old ploy. Propose a windfarm twice as big as the one you really want and then reduce it in size to impress the planning authority. These developers think our heads button up the back.

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