“a step too far” says Chic Brodie MSP

Chic Brodie, MSP for South of Scotland and a member of the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee visited Straiton yesterday and met with the Save Straiton for Scotland campaign group. Bill Steven (pictured far right) explained in detail about the proposals surrounding the village. Chic expressed his concern saying “I am generally in favour of wind farms in the right place. The suggestion and proposals to surround Straiton and to ‘invade’ the valley may be a step too far. The developers, particularly those very close to the village may want to reappraise their proposals.”

5 thoughts on ““a step too far” says Chic Brodie MSP

  1. Here’s what I’d like to know for absolute certain: On what grounds can an MSP (or anyone for that matter) say “I am generally in favour of wind farms…”? I have not to this moment read a single analysis that makes an indisputable case for this method of power generation – not on efficiency; economic; social; environmental or any other grounds. The contrary is the case – inefficient; uneconomical; anti-social and environmentally unfriendly. When will politicians stop spouting party dogma and tell the truth, or at best admit that it’s their baseless opinion? Or back up their opinions with irrefutable facts. Surely not too difficult if they exist?

  2. We can only be grateful for the fact that enough politicians are actually taking notice of the arguments against inappropriately located wind farms, and that whilst some may be guilty of party platitudes, some at least are starting to question.

  3. And where does he think is “the right place”? There’s no “may be a step too far”. It is very definitely a step too far. There’s no “may want to reappraise their proposals”. It is they most definitely have to reappraise their proposals and take them far away from here. Ayrshire as a whole has more than enough wind factories and it is time for all to say a big NO to any more.

  4. Les Cairns has said everything I would have said, only better. Jeanette’s remarks are also bang on the nail. I cannot understand why politicians are not being pilloried in the media on this issue when there is so much evidence to dispute the claims they glibly trot out every time the term “wind energy” is mentioned. At the very least there should be a moratorium while we have a DEBATE on the matter of energy generation. Isn’t that what democracy’s about? Those of us who live for the brief times each year when we can escape to nature are facing a blighted future.

    • Since I’ve made several comments, perhaps I should declare my interests. My home is in Knockdon, near Culroy (currently living by Geneva for a two year stint for our church). I love Straiton village and visit regularly, summer and winter, to walk in the hills and sample the village’s hospitality. I support this campaign 100%. I am of the view that ALL proposals for wind farms, especially in a place of such tranquil beauty, are a travesty of common sense and tantamount to an act of vandalism to our most cherished commodity – the countryside we love. Straiton belongs to everyman – and it is not for profiteers or politicians to despoil this treasure for their own short term interests! Oh, it makes me boil!

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