The pen is mightier…

Writing letters and sending emails to politicians can really make a difference. Here are some quotes from a couple.

“Many thanks for your letter regarding the proposals for a series of wind farms near Straiton…I completely agree that these proposals must be scrapped. I agree wholeheartedly with your concerns about the separation distance between the turbines and your home. ..if you would like to provide me with more details about your individual case, then I would be delighted to write to both the local authorities and WilloWind, to urge them to consider the impacts on your property.” Struan Stevenson MEP

“…have questioned whether the current situation, which is mainly driven by developers, is truly sustainable in the long term. I do not believe that it is and Straiton is perhaps an example of that.” “…thereby avoiding a concentration in communities like Straiton. I have asked the Energy Minister to consider this on many occasions and will take this opportunity to raise this matter with him again referring to the Straiton situation.” Jim Hume MSP

Please keep writing and emailing, it works! The addresses are on the Lobby page

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