VisitStraiton report on Tourism and Wind Farms

Busy Car Park in Straiton: Easter 2013Bea Holden and Jonathan Meuli have produced a report on Tourism and Wind Farm development in and around Straiton.

WIND FARM DEVELOPMENT & TOURISM IN STRAITON; a case-study in tourist provision for the Galloway Forest and Dark Sky Park.

It has been sent by post and email to around forty policy makers, planners and politicians, as well as colleagues, friends and interested local parties.

You can download it as a PDF from the VisitStraiton website: just click here to be redirected.

Although many of the report’s concerns about the harm posed by wind farms to tourism in Straiton overlap with those of the Save Straiton campaign, it is a personal take by the authors and they don’t claim to represent any of the other tourist businesses in Straiton. Consequently the printing and postage was privately funded by the authors and didn’t use any campaign funds.

It contains lots of interesting information about Straiton not available elsewhere and lots of nice historic quotes about how beautiful people have found our village over the centuries. Plus some good arguments about why we should preserve this beautiful landscape. We hope you find it a good read!

4 thoughts on “VisitStraiton report on Tourism and Wind Farms

  1. Absolutely excellent ammunition, but the Community-owned Toilets, being an asset to tourism, has again been missed. A photgraph with the attractive plant tubs outside would be an asset.

    • The toilets are mentioned, briefly, twice: on p7 with a footnote explaining that the village raise about £1800 each year to maintain them, and again on p. 30 (same info). I agree with you that a photograph would be good but will wait for a sunnier day. It won’t be possible to add it to this report but it would be useful to have for other material that is produced.

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