April photos – a cold but beautiful scene

Genoch - cold Easter 2013I think we occasionally mention how beautiful Straiton is…?  Perhaps the best proof (as always) is in the pictures: these were taken on a cold and sunny Easter Monday.

We have uploaded a new batch of five composite photos. Two of them of the Girvan valley at Genoch (detail to the left) and another three which show the less well-known and spectacular views from Knockskae, which (among other things) show the crags of Craig Hill in all their glory. It is worth bearing in mind, whilst you enjoy these composite photos, that both views would be completely filled by wind turbines, from horizon to horizon, if the proposed farms are built.   You can find them here in slide-show form or on the Gallery page at savestraitonforscotland.com/gallery/#composites

1 thought on “April photos – a cold but beautiful scene

  1. The sheer professionalism of this site is to be highly commended. I would hate to be a wind ..developer (anywhere) but particularly around Straiton. Brilliant!

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