For the record …

The Scottish Government’s first response to Save Straiton for Scotland. Colin Urquhart,
Renewables Policy Officer, replies on behalf of Alex Salmond to a letter from campaign chair, Bill Steven. We have highlighted some key phrases:

The response states that gaining energy from renewable sources “must be done in a way that protects the environment and takes account of local communities” …
National and local development plans are to be taken into account and cumulative impact is stressed: “… where adverse cumulative impacts could result, mitigation measures can be applied to reduce the impact to an acceptable level.” The letter ends, “The Scottish Government regards sensitively sited wind energy as an important part of its strategy for achieving long-term energy security and protecting Scotland’s environment for generations to come. However, we appreciate that you, and your community, have strong views on this issue and we respect your point of view.”
Please note the “sensitively sited” phrase.

Read the full text here.

1 thought on “For the record …

  1. Not sure about the phrase “reduce the impact to an acceptable level” is there an acceptable level?
    And as to “protecting the environment for generations to come” how exactly are steel towers and concerete blocks achieving that?
    Add to that the fact that it is very doubtful if any amount of wind farms would ever achieve long term energy security given their limited use during stormy or adverse conditions similar to the last couple of days makes me question the sanity of these people. Money, money money!

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