South Ayrshire explains the planning process

This is an email from Gus Collins, the Community Engagement Manager for Policy, Community Planning and Public Affairs at South Ayrshire Council, as a result of an enquiry at their recent road show in Straiton. It explains the current status of the five windfarms with the South Ayrshire planning system. (An S36 application means one where the applicant has the right to appeal direct to the Scottish Government if their proposal is turned down locally – this applies to a windfarm larger than 50Mw – i.e. all the proposed wind farms around Straiton except Dalmorton – which would be around 20Mw)

Dear Straiton resident,

Thank you for raising an enquiry at the Your South Ayrshire Mobile Trailer in Straiton last week. My colleague Colette McGarva and myself have passed on your enquiry and I can now give you the following feedback on the current status of planning applications on wind farms which you requested.

The Council is aware of one undetermined S.36 application in the vicinity of Straiton. This proposes the erection of 23 wind turbines on land surrounding Dersalloch Hill, to the east of the village. The application was first submitted for the consideration of the Scottish Ministers in 2005. Further information on a number of aspects of the proposed development is required, before the application can proceed to determination. South Ayrshire Council, as a statutory consultee, has lodged an objection to the proposed development with the Scottish Ministers.

To the Council’s knowledge, no other S.36 applications for wind farms in the vicinity of Straiton have been approved by, or submitted for the consideration of, the Scottish Ministers.

To date, no planning applications for wind farms in the rural area surrounding Straiton and Kirkmichael have been submitted for the Council’s consideration. However, the Council’s Planning Service has received requests for scoping opinions (opinions as to the information to be provided in an environmental statement and the methodology to be used to assess the environmental impacts of the proposed development), and input to such opinions being provided by the Scottish Ministers, under the relevant environmental impact assessment (EIA) legislation, for proposed wind farms in the rural area around Straiton, at the following locations:

  • Sclenteuch (north-east of Straiton; provisional capacity of 33 turbines)
  • Glenmount (south-east of Straiton; primarily within East Ayrshire; provisional capacity of 26 turbines)
  • Dalmorton (south-west of Straiton; provisional capacity of 19 turbines)
  • Linfairn (south-west of Straiton; provisional capacity of 25 turbines; encompasses the whole of the Dalmorton site)

The above sites may or may not materialise, in future, as S.36 or planning applications. If the Council receives a planning application then neighbours within 20 meters of the development site will be neighbour notified and the Council also sends to all Community Councils a copy of the ‘Weekly List’ of all planning applications received in any week. In addition a public notice will appear in the Carrick Gazette. However, you may also wish to keep a check on the Council’s website which provides a ‘live’ link to all planning applications received. This is an easy to use facility and can be found at:

In the event any wind farm applications (whether S.36 or planning) are forthcoming in the vicinity of Straiton or Kirkmichael – or, indeed, anywhere else in South Ayrshire, for that matter – the Council will assess their merits against the development plan and all other material considerations, including Government policy and guidance. Members of the public will have the opportunity to submit representations on any wind farm proposal at application stage, with the relevant authority taking cognisance of those representations when determining the application (representations on S.36 applications should be lodged direct with the Scottish Government’s Energy Consents and Deployment Unit). Hope this is helpful as we are aware you left a specific request for feedback along with many others who left comments. Not everyone chose to leave contact details so if you are in a position to pass this on to other neighbours and friends who attended that day please feel free to do so.

Gus Collins
Manager Community Engagement
On behalf of :

Claire Monaghan
Head of Policy, Community Planning and Public Affairs
South Ayrshire Council
Tel: 01292 612757

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