Any Questions?

Radio 4’s topical discussion programme was broadcast from Ayr last night. The final question put to the panel was “How would the panel feel if they had several giant industrial turbines situated within 2km of their homes?”

Joan McAlpine, MSP for the South of Scotland, was among those on the panel and although representing this area she had not heard of the threat to Straiton; Jonathan Dimbleby asked if this question related to a particular place. Now would be a good time to write to Joan and let her know our concerns.

The programme is repeated at 13.10 today (Saturday) and you can join the debate by calling Any Answers? on 03700 100 444 or emailing You can text on 84844 and tweet using #bbcaq. Lines open at 12.30 and close at 14.30.

2 thoughts on “Any Questions?

  1. A friend of mine asked the Question – about the threat to Straiton at the same programme and it was dismissed as saying that Scotland was committed to creating its own power! Interesting

  2. The five windfarms suddenly proposed last month completely ‘out of the blue’ around the village of Straiton are an utter affront to not only this & the other villages that surround it, but to the stunningly beautiful landscapes of Scotland. This uniquely beautiful & unspoilt village, a gem in Scotland’s rural heritage, is now under siege and being predated upon by greedy vultures – the energy companies amongst others.
    Straiton has been placed right in the middle of this onslaught & my own wee cottage is right in the middle of the Main Street of the village so I feel entitled to say this and more. – that covering the Scottish landscapes with wind turbines is worse than destroying works of art. The contempt I feel for those who instigate these plans & go along for greed is unspeakable. They exchange magnificent landscapes that money just cannot buy purely for money than can buy anything.

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