South Ayrshire Council want your views: please oblige them!

  • South Ayrshire Council “consulting on the priorities and outcomes we believe will make a difference for you and your community over the next 3-10 years” and are holding Road Shows as part of their consultation process. The mobile trailer will be in Straiton on Tuesday 12th March between 10am and 12noon, Kirkmichael also on the 12th between 2pm and 4pm and in Crosshill on the 15th between 10am and 12noon. If you are able, please go along and let the Council know your feeling about the threat to our area by wind farm developers.
  • More information is on the Council’s website at and you can also fill in an online survey about the council’s strategic planning over the next ten years. If you go through all the pages of this survey there is opportunity in sections 11 thu’ 14 to give your views about windfarms. Please take this opportunity.
  • If you are not able to attend one of the village Road Shows, Maybole Town Hall will host an afternoon informal drop-in consultation between 4-6pm and a more structured evening event, hosted by the Council Leader and Chair of the Community Planning Partnership, Councillor Bill McIntosh, from 7-9pm, on Thursday 14th.

3 thoughts on “South Ayrshire Council want your views: please oblige them!

  1. The times that are offered for the roadshow will not suit a large number of people in Straiton, who are working. Perhaps the Council could arrange for an evening session? Otherwise what is the point of the roadshow if a large number of people are unable to attend?

    • There is an evening session in Maybole Town Hall on Thursday 14th between 7pm and 9pm. It is more structured than the drop-in sessions, but I’m sure you will still be able to let the Council know your views.

  2. Scotland is rich in beautiful landscapes, it is also rich in remote and unpopulated wilderness where the siting of windfarms will not create an aesthetic blight on those populated and beautiful areas of the country. Do NOT repeat the appalling planning blunders of the 50s and 60s that destroyed so much of the heritage of our towns and cities. Your legacy will be derided by future generations. Personally, I will mount a high profile media campaign to fight the vandalism being proposed in the siting of windfarms around Straiton – one of the most stunningly beautiful areas of Scotland, where I lived for nearly many years, and where my daughter grew up. While I am not opposed to the idea of developing renewable energy sources, common sense must be used in determining where to site such on and offshore resources.

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