adverse impacts: compilation video

A Youtube video by TheLochgelly which shows graphically some of the problems wind turbines cause – shadow flicker, bird strikes, health and safety issues. Stick with it – there is a long introduction. Thanks to Robert and Wendy Anderson for finding it.

2 thoughts on “adverse impacts: compilation video

  1. If it wasn’t an issue, there would not be so many videos like these, complaints and horrific stories posted and reported time and again on the Internet. I found this really shocking, hopefully we are pulling together and will be able to avoid this mess. It is not nimby to fight to preserve your home and way of life for your children, it is a basic human right and instinct.

  2. It is with sadness that I watch this video. How can the Government allow our countryside to be desecrated by these monsters. There is a morale question here that should be addressed by those in power. “Do we deserve to be treated in such a way by our own Government?” Fight on Straiton,Crosshill and Kirkmichael! Fight on and win!

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