Crosshill say ‘No’

The Community Council held its last Public Meeting to inform residents of the wind farm proposals, this time in Crosshill. No-one voted for the developments in this area. The Baldwin family, who live very close to Hadyard Hill wind farm by Barr, gave a first hand account of what it was like to live within 1km of turbines. The noise can be unbearable and it’s had a devastating effect on their lives. They mentioned it was not all the time, “but when the wind blows in a certain direction the noise permeates the whole house and seems to vibrate through you.” Shadow flicker was also a problem and is caused by turbines which are 1.2km away and not from a distance of 10 rotor diameters as claimed by developers. Please watch David’s film on the Impact, noise and health page.

1 thought on “Crosshill say ‘No’

  1. Low frequency noise can affect humans adversely. It is often used in torture scenarios.

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