Wildlife updates

OTTER-650x487This Sept. 2012 picture of an otter on the upper Girvan comes from the Ayrshire Rivers Trust who are an important consultee on wildlife matters. Otters are a key species in helping to determine whether a windfarm will be permitted or not. Other key species are bats, hen harriers, red squirrels, pine martens… and more. More information is now on the Wildlife page of this site. Please keep us updated with any information or sightings, most especially, of course, on any of the windfarm sites themselves! Get in touch via the Contact page or leave a comment.

1 thought on “Wildlife updates

  1. As a keen angler I regularly see otters on the river. This is of course a reflection of the good salmon and trout stocks in the water. I have seen them on all sections of the river and also along Lambdoughty burn.

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