Some good lobbying tips

Some good advice just in from fellow-campaigners at Craigengillan. Petitions to sign, people to lobby and why we should do it!

There are two very good petitions doing the rounds at the moment: please sign up to these, to give them the best chance of success:

Stop the reckless siting of wind turbines in scotland’s scenic landscapes


change planning regulations to enable an increase in the current neighbour notification distance of 20 metres in relation to wind turbine planning applications

Write to your local MP, local MSP, and Fergus Ewing MSP (Minister for Energy & Tourism, Scotland) and Greg Barker MP (Minister for Energy & Climate Change, UK). If MPs and the Departments get enough letters on the same subject, they have to pay attention to them. Ask for specific questions to be raised in Parliament.

[All these contact details are now updated on the Lobby page.]

Write to the local and national papers every time you read an article you agree or don’t agree with. Keep the issue in the press – it’s wrong for communities who don’t want them to have wind farms imposed upon them by the Scottish Government and goldrush minded wind farm developers.

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