Effect on Tourism?

Within two miles of Straiton there are 11 businesses which offer accommodation to tourists (either self-catering or B&B). These eleven businesses manage 28 properties and offer 96 beds. All of them would be severely impacted by the construction of major wind farms, and the majority would probably close. How to square this with the Scottish government stated belief that wind farms have no effect on Scottish tourism? This apparently surprising claim is borne out (the government claims) by a report commissioned from Glasgow Caledonian University. The report is long and complex and the Scottish Government’s summary of it would seem – on first reading – to be simplistic and possibly misleading. We have uploaded the report and have begun to make a few comments on it. Please read on at https://savestraitonforscotland.com/about/planning-overview/#DocXII
I hope to be making more comments on this later!

1 thought on “Effect on Tourism?

  1. it is vital to protect our scenic areas and the businesses that rely on tourism in Scotland, not only for tourists but for locals as well.

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