A Threat to Raptors?

The following is a link to Raptor Politics where the threat to our Barn Owls, Hen Harriers, Falcons, Buzzards by the wind farm proposals has been mentioned. A Barn Owl has been confirmed killed by wind turbine in Cumbria despite assurances that this would not happen. http://raptorpolitics.org.uk/

3 thoughts on “A Threat to Raptors?

  1. Hello, FYI I have 2 nesting Barn Owls at my place, one in the ruined building at Garleffin and the other in one of my Barns. Also I know and seen loads of Buzzards, Sparrow hawks, Goshawks, Falcons and even a Hen Harrier hunting around at my place,

    • Thank you for this, it is very helpful. Please let us know If you would be interested in helping re this area. We are looking for someone who is interested in the bird life to do some research and communicate with bird protection bodies etc, thanks

  2. According to one contributor on Raptor Politics, Dumfries & Galloway’s population of Hen Harriers are on the verge of extinction, so any found nearby are of particular value. Golden Eagles also fly near this area and need to be protected from wind turbines as well as other birds.

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