Other Local Windfarms

Geographic Data from Scottish Natural Heritage, 2012

Geographic Data from Scottish Natural Heritage, 2012

A brief glance at the picture above might just put into perspective the sheer number of windfarms that are in various stages of development in and around the South Ayrshire and Galloway Biosphere. Below is a subset of these which are all in fairly close proximity to Straiton.  They are split into stages: Scoping, Application, Approved and Installed, and where possible, further detail and links have been provided.   The picture evolves so quickly and it can be difficult to keep track of them all, so please do let us know if there are any to add.

The data used in the picture above can be sourced from Scottish Natural Heritage website where it is updated periodically, but again, will never be fully up to date given the pace of change in this area.


  • Lamdoughty Windfarm:  Southwest of Barr.  16 turbines proposed. Developers’ website: Infinergy. No info on Lambdoughty on the website as yet.
  • Benbrack Windfarm:    Between Dalmellington and Carsphairn, to the east of Loch Doon. Developer, Eon.  27 turbines proposed.  More information at Eon’s website
  • Enoch Hill:   14km south west of New Cumnock. Developer, Eon.  23 turbines proposed.  More details on Eon’s Enoch Hill webpage
  • Balunton Hill: North west of Glentrool. Developer – not known – 18 turbines proposed.  No further information at this point.
  • Altercannoch Windfarm: South of Barrhill.  Developer, PNE Wind. 10 turbines proposed. The project site with downloads and more detail can be found here.
  • Polquhairn Windfarm:  Near Rankinston, north east of Patna.  Developer, PNE Wind. 21 turbines proposed. The project site with downloads and more detail can be found here.
  • Lorg Windfarm: Around 10km south of New Cumnock. Developer, Eon. 28 turbines proposed. More details on Eon’s Lorg Webpage.
  • Quantans Hill Windfarm: Near Carsphairn in Dumfries & Galloway. Developer, Eon. 30 turbines proposed. More details on Eon’s Quantans Hill Webpage



  • South Kyle Windfarm:  Within Kyle Forest and to the east of Dalmellington. Developer, Vattenfall. 50 turbines proposed. More info on the Vattenfall Site. Objections to be lodged by 11th Oct 2013.  Object now.
  • Tralorg Windfarm:  Near Girvan. Developer, PNE Wind. 8 turbines proposed. More details can be found on the project website.
    • March 2013 – Application rejected.  PNE deadline to lodge an appeal is 21st June.
    • June 2013 – PNE have lodged an appeal to the Scottish Government. Details can be found here.
  • High Cumnock Windfarm: Between Cumnock and New Cumnock. Developer, Banks Renewables. 8 turbines proposed. Details are on the developer website.
  • Afton Windarm: South of New Cumnock. Developer, Eon. 27 turbines. Details on the Eon project site.
  • Corwar Windfarm:  Between Barrhill and Girvan.  Developer,  Willowind.  8 turbines proposed.  Information on the developers website.  *As of Sept 2013 this was rejected by South Ayrshire Council.  We are not sure if Willowind intend to appeal this decision yet.
  • Hare Hill Extension: Just outside New Cumnock.  Developer, Scottish Power Renewables.  An application for an additional 39 turbines has been submitted on top of the existing 20 turbines which are in operation. Limited information on the Scottish Power Website.
  • Ashmark Hill Windfarm: 3 km south of New Cumnock. Developer, RWE npower renewables. 7 turbines proposed. Details can be found on the RWE project site.
  • Assel Valley Windfarm:  2 km south east of Girvan. Developer, Falck Renewables.  17 turbines proposed. More details can be found here.





  • Hadyard Hill: 3 km south of Dailly and 9 km east of Girvan. Costing £85 million, the farm comprises 52 three-bladed Danish turbines. This Britain’s most powerful wind farm when it was commissioned in March 2006.The farm is operated by the Scottish and Southern Energy Generation Ltd.
  • Mark Hill Windfarm: Located near Barrhill, South Ayrshire, construction on Mark Hill Windfarm was completed in June 2011. Its consists of 28 turbines, and is operated by Scottish Power Renewables.
  • Windy Standard:  Located in the hills above Carsphairn Forest, some 9km north of Carsphairn in Dumfries and Galloway.  It became fully operational in November 1996 and at the time was Scotland’s second largest wind farm consisting of 36 wind turbines.  It was developed by npower renewables and Fred.Olsen Ltd. More information can be found here.
  • Hare Hill: Located in New Cumnock in East Ayrshire. It consists of  20  turbines. It was completed in 2000 and is operated by Scottish Power Renewables.


2 thoughts on “Other Local Windfarms

  1. Now know how Custer must have felt when surrounded by indians at Littlebighorn, modern day version will be to be surrounded by turbines if all the sites get the go ahead

  2. This is totally crazy- biosphere and dark Sky plans must be affected by all this- I wouldn’t visit a place surrounded by hundreds of these things- this will end in disaster!

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